Sunday, January 1, 2012

Happy New Year ! Here's to a "simple" life :)

Stumbled upon these lines, that pretty much captures the way I would like to live my life :) And I strive to live it this way, though I do have my moments of confusion when I stray away from the simplicity and bring in unnecessary complications...Putting it up here as a reminder :) Happy New Year buddies !


Tuesday, November 15, 2011

"I M from IIM"....Lamest pickup line !

      The Indian obsession with IITs and IIMs and other premier institutions in nothing new. It’s strange how kids from 9th grade are being pushed into “tuitions” to prepare them for “IIT-JEE” (I always call it IIT-ji, the way we say Sonia-ji  :P). I am in no position to sit in judgment and talk about what is wrong and what is right. I am the same person who decided to study law after doing my Engineering, so I can totally get it when there are people who are passionate or even obsessed about getting into courses/institutions that they love. What I do NOT get though, is how some of the kids (?) who pass out from these premier institutions, somehow begin to presume that it is their life’s “biggest” achievement and walk around with an imaginary halo around their heads. It is an achievement. No doubt about it. But please give me a break and drop the “MBA from IIM” from your introduction! I sense an immediate “jerk-alert” when someone starts off with “MBA” even before finishing off uttering their surname!
      The other day, I was in an intense discussion about marketing trends etc with a couple of friends. One of them put forth an idea, which did not make much sense to me and I made it clear that I could not bring myself to agree upon it. One of my friends immediately took offence and said with a sense of borrowed pride “How can you NOT agree? My cousin who passed out from IIM told me about it” I was mentally punching the air out of my friend and her cousin, but then I shrugged it off and left the discussion hanging mid-air. Its crazy how someone can presume that passing out from one of those biggies will somehow magically morph you into a know-it-all, walky-talky encyclopedia! Some of the smartest people I have known in real life are college dropouts. They have nothing to boast of academically, nor do they have high-paying jobs. But the sheer brilliance of their personality shines through when they behave and carry themselves in a manner which would put any of these biggies to shame.
         I am proud of my school and my college and I do attribute some of my finest traits( yes, yes, I do have some J) to the teaching and upbringing that was part of my school and college life. I am particularly fond of my school and I consider myself lucky to have been able to study at such a nice place. However, my school does not “define” me. What defines me though is all that I learnt there. My school is not a part of my introduction, but a part of my personality. And to me, that is all that matters. I have seen an “IIT AND IIM” digging his nose and pasting the booger under a table at work. So no matter where you study and what you do, you cannot claim special treatment or a direct entry ticket into an imaginary elite class “only” because you were part of something that is considered big. And you cannot claim to be right always.
         Aunties who frantically fix arranged marriages consider such guys to be the biggest catch. Yikes. Freaks me out! I cannot imagine getting married to someone "just" because he has a fancy degree from a fancy place! This post is not meant to conclude that ALL premier-institute-pass-outs are worthless showoffs or that all the underdogs (supposedly) are complete gentlemen. The point here is that it really does not matter! You have a degree from MIT, good for you!  All that matters in the real world is what really came out of that degree. If you want to be a brand ambassador of your institution, you may gladly do so ! But do not expect people to be in awe of you and take it for granted that you are a genius. What really makes a person is his/her personality. Show what your institution stands for, by LIVING in a way which would make your institution proud. Not by making it your middle name.

Monday, November 14, 2011

If you are happy and you know it :)

If you are happy and you know it, click right here,
If you are happy and you know it,click right here.....
If you are happy and you know it and you really want to show it,
If you are happy and you know it, click right here !

This one is my favorite nursery rhyme ! :-D

Never lose the child in you :) 

Sunday, November 13, 2011

We are a Politically Challenged nation !

    The political tamaasha in my country makes me cringe! Why is it that our nation has always been putting old, uninspiring septuagenarians on the front? The reason I hear all the time, is ‘experience’. They are blessed with ‘experience’. Come on yaar, we know better than that! We have no wisecrackers  here. All we have is selfish, fit-for-nothing morons who seem all set to make a joke out of themselves. We are not an easy crowd, us Indians. The sheer size of us is enough to scare anyone away. And we are geographically placed in such an awesome location that everything from natural resources to the weather, is conducive for unparalleled growth and development. We are quick learners. We adapt well to changing conditions. We work hard. We have bloody world-class intellectuals. Yet, all of our strengths are wasted in fighting the devils that we put on the chair to rule us.
     We are the world’s largest democracy. Do we even realize what a blessing that is? To be able to voice your opinion without having to fear that a tyrant dictator will chop your head off?  We make zero use of it, I tell you. Democracy is a farce here. To have one pro-citizen bill passed in the parliament, it takes a million years. Again, it is an old man who wants to fast indefinitely and ensure that the bill gets through. The media does its bit and hypes up the entire episode. The nation joins in the frenzy and soon, the fast becomes a sensation. Gandhi caps are pulled out, placards are designed and every roadside romeo marches along and makes sure he does not miss a chance to grin at all the cameras from the media fraternity that lunges forward into the crowds to catch all the action. The old man fasts, the young ones protest, “talks” are held and the newspapers are flooded with reports from all over the nation. Super. I like that. At least the voices are rising up.
       But then, what happens later? We are soon bored of all the sensationalism. And life moves on. I can bet a million rupees that half the idiots who were part of the protest had no idea what the bill was all about. Two months down the line, life is back to its normal pace. Hardworking citizens continue to pay taxes, so that we can help fill up the “treasuries”. Thank you very much. I have to produce “proof” to get my tax returns while scoundrels who pay nothing, move around scot-free.  The life of an average Indian is bleaker than it appears to be.
        We put up with all this non-sense and yet we manage to live good lives. We turn a blind eye to all these devils and carry on with our hand to mouth existence. Yet, there is no escape from all this negativity.  Right from the roadside shopkeeper to the traffic policeman, everyone wants to make a quick buck. They console their guilty consciences by comparing themselves to politicians who loot in millions. And just like that, every other person is looking at quicker ways of making money. Even if it means extending your hand like a beggar, looking around to see if someone is watching and grinning like an idiot while gesturing for a bribe.
      I always wonder these people manage to sleep in the night. I wonder how they put up with all the guilt. Beats me! Every young Indian who tries to squeeze himself into the system and tries his best to clean it up soon becomes a convert. Our political system is like a blackhole. Goodness vanishes in it. And still, the nation moves on. We continue to survive. How our country runs, I have no idea!
     Yikes, I just wish someone would knock some sense into all these old men and ask them to buzz off home. Bring in some fresh blood. Someone who can ‘talk’.  Someone with a mean streak, someone who is not afraid of saying it like it is! When I think of people with all the qualities that I would like to see in my ideal politician, at least five names cross my mind J that gives me hope. What kills my hope though is the fact that all these stalwarts are stuck in the Indian IT industry, expertly handling the internal politics of an organization J Ha ha, man, it’s everywhere! We are all filthy politicians in our own right….Just that the scale varies! Oh hum, I wish, I just wish they would ask me to pick the ones who will lead ! I would have chosen a dozen mothers from our locality and send them to Delhi….You know why? NO ONE knows better! :-D  Lazy husbands, naughty kids, erring maids, greedy vendors, selfish milkmen, crazy schoolteachers, weird neighbors and last but not the least, pesky relatives! If you can handle all of them at one go, I tell you, the nation is just a bigger version of all that. Much bigger. But what the heck, they can do it :-D  If nothing else works out, there’s always me ;) I will make a very fun PM…Just give me a chance :-P God, all this nagging is tiring me…Think about it, I will be back tomorrow to take my oath :D

Saturday, November 12, 2011

Beautiful Woman :)

She is no runway model,
She has no great fashion sense
No shining eyes or glittering nails
Her hair's not dark and dense

No shaped eyebrows,no manicure
No red lips that light up the room;
No pencil heels,no fancy bags,
she has no time to groom.

Yet she stands there in the crowd,
And you just cant take your eyes away...
Everything around is noisy and loud,
But her silence makes you sway!

And she stands there proud and tall,
Like a prized piece of art,
What she does have,after all,
Is a true,selfless heart :)

Friday, November 11, 2011

11-11-11 :) No 'one' is alone today !

I stumbled upon these beautiful pictures with seemingly simple, but rather profound questions and thought I should answer them :) Here you go! 

Younger Heart, Older head :)

Mornings! Mornings make me happy, mornings give me hope :)

  All the imaginary fears that build up in my head...Ugh, I could do without them !


If "giving my life for" means "dedicating my life", I would be happy to dedicate and spend an entire lifetime for the cause of feeding the hungry. I am most vulnerable when I am hungry and I am extremely scared of being hungry and homeless.I would love to feed people ! :)

If "giving my life for" means "losing my life for", the answer would be 'Nothing'. No cause is worth dying for. I love being alive :) 

Pics courtesy :

Love without expectation, even if it hurts... Give, even if it means sharing whatever little you have....  Live by your values, even if it means having to face the world alone :)

Thursday, November 10, 2011

'Lamba' Din and 'Chota' Bheem

    It's well past midnight now and I have had an extremely long day at work...14 hours to be precise! It has taken me every ounce of my willpower to get myself to touch my laptop again :-P I have tons to talk about but zero energy to type it out....I wish I had a robot, something like the one that Richie Rich owns....I wish I could just do the thinking and the robot would type it down for me :-D
    But I am not Richie Rich. I am Poorie Poor :-P So my only chance of getting a robot for myself would be if I could somehow convince Dr.Vaseekaran to lend Chitti to me for a few days....I am sure Shahrukh would readily agree to send Ra.One my way if I asked him to ,but sadly I do not want to be his Chamak Challo...Muhahhahuhahha :-P
    Hence, considering my zero-energy levels today and the lack of a robot of my own , I wish to take it easy tonight and go hit the bed right away...I will be back tomorrow with my trademark long post...Before I leave, here's a sneak preview of my extreme talent ! Did you know I was a painter? No ? OMG, how could you not ? Here's my masterpiece. A picture of Chota Bheem, the cartoon guy, thinking about his dilruba :-P

    Cute no? When I look at masterpieces like this one, I often wonder if I am at the wrong place ! But then I realize, this is where I truly belong...In front of a PC,maiming cute cartoon characters with my horrific drawing skills on MS Paint :-D But my nephew thinks I am a rockstar....Tee Hee Hee :-D

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