Friday, March 25, 2011

Live like there is no tomorrow !

      Each morning, as I walk into my workplace, I take a minute off to look at Gandhi's image on the wall and read what's written below it.
             " Live as if you were to die tomorrow, learn as if you were to live forever" it says.....
     Everyday I wonder what would happen if we knew today was our last day! Would we live it any different?Would we say things that we would'nt have said otherwise?
     Would we forget our fears and live our life to the fullest ?It's such a profound thing, that just thinking about it humbles me down!
     Today, the rain and the thoughts woke up the dormant poet in me.....And here's the result :)
     I am not a good poet....These lines are just my bare thoughts penned down straight...So do not worry much about structure,format etc :)

As I sit glancing out at the window sill,
Watching the raindrops play their game,
I think of all the dreams I had built
Of love,of money,of fortune and fame!

With all these thoughts running in my head,
I look at a floating leaf and find,
A helpless ant that was about to drown,
Struggling to find a helping hand....

I pick the leaf and lay it aside,
Sliding the ant off onto the wall,
He seemed to have made it, safe and sound
A life had been saved, albeit small !

As he crawled away to find his home,
I caught myself smiling a happy smile....
The tiny creature in all his innocence,
Had left me thinking about life's trial!

We build our dreams, all rosy and nice
Hoping to live a hundred years....
At the back of our minds,in the darkest space
We live with all our lurking fears!

The fear of death,the fear of pain
The fear of losing all that we love....
We push them back,deep into the space
Trusting the ONE who sits above!

But what if the day that begins tomorrow
I would never be able to see?
What if I were the drowning ant
With no one to set me free?

Would I then look back at my life,
And be happy that I lived it well?
Or would I be left with unsaid words,
That I wish I could somehow tell ?

We rush through our days,without ever stopping
To talk about the things that we feel,
There's always a day left tomorrow,
When we'll have the time to deal !

So many words that stay unspoken,
So many deeds that stay undone....
So many days that just go rolling by
With each morning's rising sun!

We are all here for a journey so short,
That we have no time to waste,
Say all the things that stay locked in your heart
Lest you forget them in haste!

Live like this day is your last day here,
Smile like you never knew any sorrow,
Forget your fears,laugh with your heart....
Live like there is no tomorrow ! :)

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