Sunday, November 28, 2010

To all those 'crushes'!

     You have to just take my word for it when I say that I have truly missed my blog! I have been somewhat busy and superlatively lazy these past few months and never got myself to post something on this space. Today being Sunday, the guilt pangs were getting a little too strong and I was itching to write...More than ever...So here I am! :) I hope to be more regular from now on and have even drawn up plans to give a makeover to my blog. All that’s in the future, so we’ll see how that goes! But for now, let me take a moment to thank all those good friends, regular readers and people who lurked on my blog anonymously when I was gone. I was touched, to say the least, when I received your emails and wall posts asking why I dint write since August :) You kind of gave me a push that I badly needed ;)
      Ok, before that first paragraph begins to sound like an Oscar speech, let’s move better things ;) When was the last time someone walked into the room, stood in a corner, did nothing more than smile and nod and shake hands with a stranger, and yet managed to light up the entire room with their smile ? Or, that guy on stage at the concert, strumming his guitar, rocking his head back and forth, blaring into the mike and making your heart thump against your chest? Or that young lecturer at college, always dressed in his formals, walking down the corridor, while you sat at the window seat in your classroom, staring out into the corridor, completely taken over by the mad mad attention that his presence demanded, craning your neck out, watching him walk away into the staff room...those moments of mad euphoria, those thousand giggles shared with your girlfriends, those minutes of complete craziness when your heart was not yours and those short-lived but equally intense emotions that seem to overpower your sense of good judgement and those zillion superfast heartbeats that seemed to pound your heart into pulp...Remember those moments? There is a reason why we call them a ‘crush’  ;) Because, that is what they do! Crush your world into a heart shaped fantasy! :)
       There is so much talk about the ‘right person’, the ‘soul mate’, the ‘better half’ etc. Not all of us get married to our soulmates, nor is the other half always the better one, and the ‘right person’ tag is such a cliché...There is no ‘right’ person, really! It’s just about finding someone whose wrongs you can put up with :P LOL..I am the eternal cynic, people! So all you lovelorn puppies, stop giving me that look :D So, while realms and realms have been written about the perfect lover and hours have been spent discussing them, why is it that the crushes in our lives, the ones who actually made our heart go flutter flutter with no effort at all, why is it that we hardly ever mention them? Is it because we are scared to admit that the ‘crush’ lasted for just 17 seconds or that the ‘crush’ gave you sleepless nights for a week and then the next week you dint even remember his second name? Or, the fact that you still remember him/her, after all these years, but somehow, even now, though you never really have a thing for him/her anymore, you still feel awkward to admit you did ? ;) Why is it that we are so obsessed with ‘happily ever after” and “ made for each other” , that we rarely ever stop to think of those people who never made it to “ happily ever after” with you, but as long as they lasted, gave you the best feeling ever? Even though they were never really aware of the flutter that they caused? Doesn’t it feel good to recall and live through those minutes of giddy attraction? :)
      It’s possible that a crush from the past turned out to be a super jerk later in time, but for those few moments that you thought he/she was perfect, your world did go in circles, you did think you heard your heart in your ears and you did feel that this instant attraction was super cool! So for all the wrong judgements you made, you did get a few minutes of happiness in return :) So you see, no crush is a bad crush ! ;)
      On that note, I dedicate this post to the underrated, neglected and completely secret group of crushes who cross our lives, lighting it up for a moment , before we get tired of all the glare and run away from it :P And also to those eternal crushes ( Johnny Depp, where are you? ) who will always be stuck in our hearts no matter what ! ;) And also to that negligible group of jerks who made it to our crush list ( Thank God they dint get any further than a crush! :D ) And also to all those people who had a crush on us (Ha ha, you think we dint know? ) ;)
      If you are one of those who had a ‘crush’ turn into a ‘happily ever after’, God bless you ! :) If you are one of the many whose crush dint quite make it very far, cheer up, you are not alone ! But if you are one of those who has never had a crush, get a medical checkup done :D Either that, or you are one shameless liar :P
      Until I write here next, count your crushes, just like you count your blessings! Will you be done counting by the time I return? Well, that depends on when I will return..Hoping it’s sometime soon ! :) Ciao !

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