Sunday, November 6, 2011


     Over the years, I have come to realize that I make a pretty good listener. And I actually enjoy hearing people out when they seek me. Sometimes,we just wish someone would just hear us out, without doling out advice or suggestions. I can be that person and I am proud of that...Not that I do not give advice AT ALL, but I can kind of sense it when it's better to shut up. So playing Agony Aunt to suffering souls IS just my cup of tea and I love it. And I have taken it upon myself to safeguard the things that people trust me with. All these will go to the grave with me. So all's cool.
      But you know what ? I just cannot handle surprises! Or juicy gossip.Or silly secrets. Or secret crushes. The pressure of holding it all down is just too much! So if I am ever let into a secret that involves some juicy details that is not worth locking up, I just let it out :P I will simply walk up to the party involved and confirm if it's true...Ditto for planning surprises. I have had events in the past where I have meticulously planned to surprise someone, but just because I planned everything a little too ahead and could not go to sleep with the pressure of having to keep it all locked up inside, I called the party concerned and ruined the whole show :P Silly me !

      Let's talk about secret crushes. I just don't get it sometimes! If it's obvious that you have taken a liking for someone, wouldn't it be sensible to talk to the person and find out what he/she thinks, instead of going through days and days of agony wondering what all this would lead to ? In the past, when one of my friends confided in me about having the hots for a certain girl but being too scared to express, I simply walked up to the girl and let her know that she had an ardent admirer. Things did get a little dramatic, with the girl playing hard to get etc, but everything ended well. The two dated for a while until the boy realized what a bitch she was in real life and ran away from her as fast as he could :P Problem solved ! Had he not let her know, he would have wasted his time and energy investing his emotions on someone who wasn't meant for him. Even now, I take the credit for saving him ;)
      Now, while speaking out has it's own advantages, not everything is rosy and nice! I have earned few enemies along the way, trying in all good will, to let them know what rumors were doing the rounds and trying to find out if they were actually true. Lesson learnt. So now, I play it safe. When I sense that one of my friends is sharing a popular gossip,rumor,surprise etc with me, I warn them beforehand. If they plan to end the secret with a 'Dont let her/him know', I let them know that I cannot sleep over a secret. I HAVE to share it with the person whom the secret concerns :P If it's too much of a risk, then they better leave me out of this ! So far, this has worked out fine. I am spared of the details and I spare them the risk of ruining the secret ;)
     Khalil Gibran,in all his wisdom,says     
"If you reveal your secrets to the wind you should not blame the wind for revealing them to the trees."
     I agree, I agree ! :P
     Now sshhhh,go to sleep !


  1. Day by day the topics are getting interesting! :) :)

    I was pretty much able to relate myself to this topic more... :) Nicely written!

  2. Thanks Devi :) Glad you liked it...I wrote this in a hurry,in about 10 minutes..since I was getting really late for bed..Now when I read back,I realize how much more I could have written about this topic :P Maybe some other day ;)

  3. ok...u did not give me any disclaimer till i better be careful about what i talk with u in future... ;) :P

  4. @adi : I am taking your secrets to the grave...Trust me! :P


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