Sunday, November 13, 2011

We are a Politically Challenged nation !

    The political tamaasha in my country makes me cringe! Why is it that our nation has always been putting old, uninspiring septuagenarians on the front? The reason I hear all the time, is ‘experience’. They are blessed with ‘experience’. Come on yaar, we know better than that! We have no wisecrackers  here. All we have is selfish, fit-for-nothing morons who seem all set to make a joke out of themselves. We are not an easy crowd, us Indians. The sheer size of us is enough to scare anyone away. And we are geographically placed in such an awesome location that everything from natural resources to the weather, is conducive for unparalleled growth and development. We are quick learners. We adapt well to changing conditions. We work hard. We have bloody world-class intellectuals. Yet, all of our strengths are wasted in fighting the devils that we put on the chair to rule us.
     We are the world’s largest democracy. Do we even realize what a blessing that is? To be able to voice your opinion without having to fear that a tyrant dictator will chop your head off?  We make zero use of it, I tell you. Democracy is a farce here. To have one pro-citizen bill passed in the parliament, it takes a million years. Again, it is an old man who wants to fast indefinitely and ensure that the bill gets through. The media does its bit and hypes up the entire episode. The nation joins in the frenzy and soon, the fast becomes a sensation. Gandhi caps are pulled out, placards are designed and every roadside romeo marches along and makes sure he does not miss a chance to grin at all the cameras from the media fraternity that lunges forward into the crowds to catch all the action. The old man fasts, the young ones protest, “talks” are held and the newspapers are flooded with reports from all over the nation. Super. I like that. At least the voices are rising up.
       But then, what happens later? We are soon bored of all the sensationalism. And life moves on. I can bet a million rupees that half the idiots who were part of the protest had no idea what the bill was all about. Two months down the line, life is back to its normal pace. Hardworking citizens continue to pay taxes, so that we can help fill up the “treasuries”. Thank you very much. I have to produce “proof” to get my tax returns while scoundrels who pay nothing, move around scot-free.  The life of an average Indian is bleaker than it appears to be.
        We put up with all this non-sense and yet we manage to live good lives. We turn a blind eye to all these devils and carry on with our hand to mouth existence. Yet, there is no escape from all this negativity.  Right from the roadside shopkeeper to the traffic policeman, everyone wants to make a quick buck. They console their guilty consciences by comparing themselves to politicians who loot in millions. And just like that, every other person is looking at quicker ways of making money. Even if it means extending your hand like a beggar, looking around to see if someone is watching and grinning like an idiot while gesturing for a bribe.
      I always wonder these people manage to sleep in the night. I wonder how they put up with all the guilt. Beats me! Every young Indian who tries to squeeze himself into the system and tries his best to clean it up soon becomes a convert. Our political system is like a blackhole. Goodness vanishes in it. And still, the nation moves on. We continue to survive. How our country runs, I have no idea!
     Yikes, I just wish someone would knock some sense into all these old men and ask them to buzz off home. Bring in some fresh blood. Someone who can ‘talk’.  Someone with a mean streak, someone who is not afraid of saying it like it is! When I think of people with all the qualities that I would like to see in my ideal politician, at least five names cross my mind J that gives me hope. What kills my hope though is the fact that all these stalwarts are stuck in the Indian IT industry, expertly handling the internal politics of an organization J Ha ha, man, it’s everywhere! We are all filthy politicians in our own right….Just that the scale varies! Oh hum, I wish, I just wish they would ask me to pick the ones who will lead ! I would have chosen a dozen mothers from our locality and send them to Delhi….You know why? NO ONE knows better! :-D  Lazy husbands, naughty kids, erring maids, greedy vendors, selfish milkmen, crazy schoolteachers, weird neighbors and last but not the least, pesky relatives! If you can handle all of them at one go, I tell you, the nation is just a bigger version of all that. Much bigger. But what the heck, they can do it :-D  If nothing else works out, there’s always me ;) I will make a very fun PM…Just give me a chance :-P God, all this nagging is tiring me…Think about it, I will be back tomorrow to take my oath :D


  1. You have just expressed the sentiment of almost every American I know. We too are sick of all the politics & policies that benefit almost no one outside of our government office. I was teasing with my husband that we needed a home making mamma to run the world! It's funny how we are a world apart and share the same thoughts!

  2. Thanks for your comment Kate !:) It's indeed funny how similar we think in spite of the miles between us! If you ask me, I am just glad that I have company...India's not alone ;)

    On a serious note, I really wish our governments functioned in a simpler way ! I often wonder "why" we end up with the crazy lot as leaders, even after being given the right to choose them...Such a sorry state of affairs ! :-|

  3. What you're saying is completely true. I know that everybody must say the same thing, but I just think that you put it in a way that everyone can understand. I'm sure you'll reach so many people with what you've got to say.


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