Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Sins against my gender stereotypes

        There is a fun tag doing the rounds, which requires us to list down 10 things that are against our gender stereotypes. Tee-Hee-Hee :D This is just the kind of thing I love. Many times I wonder if I will ever fit into the definition of  a socially acceptable girly girl. I look like an acceptable one. But in my head, I am a devil of sorts. I just zoom around with a stolen halo to hide my horns. The tag asks for 10 sins, but from what I know of myself, I guess there will be more ! I just do whatever suits me fine rather than what our gender stereotypes recommend. Without further ado, here goes the list.

1) I do not shop often. Or for a long time. I zoom into a shop, look around, pick what I like and get the hell out of there in 20 minutes or so. 
2) I do not giggle. I laugh. I guffaw. Loudly and clearly. Without worrying too much about appearing ladylike.
3) I CANNOT shed crocodile tears. I am incapable of triggering tears. Just cannot do it.
4) I say it like it is. Sugar coating is not my forte.But I choose to be frank without being disrespectful.
5) I am not a big fan of hanging out with a gang of girls. I am choosy, picky and stick around with the ones that make sense to me. Truth be told, I get along better with guys.
6) I have NEVER gone "cho chweeet" over random babies or baby pics. When I see one, I smile, I pick, I plant a kiss. No baby-talk for me !
7) I LOVE blue. Pink ? Not so much.
8) I can change bulbs, fix random things around the house.
9) I do not have to be escorted around. I like doing my own thing without having to depend on someone to chauffeur me around town.
10) Comfort rules. I have minimal pairs of shoes. I do not color co-ordinate my shoes and clothes.
 Ok, ten done, but what's the fun in sticking to the rules :P I will throw in an extra one
11) How much I eat, depends on how hungry I am. Not on who is watching me eat.

Pick this tag if you like it :)


  1. That is impressive! :) Keep it coming..

    P.S: I like the last one the most! well done.. :)

    P.P.S: Hope you write more, i will have something to read at the end of the day ;) all the best..

  2. u do not giggle..?? :O somehow i think that depends on ur immediate company no....or have u changed over the years :P

  3. @Devi : Thank you! I just hope to be a woman of my words and stick to my one month writing plan :P

    @adived : I do not "giggle" giggle to act all cute and girly, if you know what I mean...I chuckle,I grin sometimes, but I cannot act all cute and giggle for no reason :P So girls love that kind of thing!

  4. Pavs.. you forgot to mention a few more things - like the motorcapades :P

  5. @Pras : Thanks for reminding me of my foolish days :D Ahem....I like to believe I have grown up now....but then,motorcapades still sounds very tempting :P So yes, I agree, that should have gone on the list !


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