Friday, November 11, 2011

11-11-11 :) No 'one' is alone today !

I stumbled upon these beautiful pictures with seemingly simple, but rather profound questions and thought I should answer them :) Here you go! 

Younger Heart, Older head :)

Mornings! Mornings make me happy, mornings give me hope :)

  All the imaginary fears that build up in my head...Ugh, I could do without them !


If "giving my life for" means "dedicating my life", I would be happy to dedicate and spend an entire lifetime for the cause of feeding the hungry. I am most vulnerable when I am hungry and I am extremely scared of being hungry and homeless.I would love to feed people ! :)

If "giving my life for" means "losing my life for", the answer would be 'Nothing'. No cause is worth dying for. I love being alive :) 

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Love without expectation, even if it hurts... Give, even if it means sharing whatever little you have....  Live by your values, even if it means having to face the world alone :)

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