Sunday, February 28, 2010

A trip down memory lane - Plus a free visit to Ego-City

Haan well people. What would you do if you were at home on a lazy Sunday doing nothing useful? Go to sleep perhaps? I did that too and i still had time. So i thought i will give myself a little ego boost (not that i am not egoistic already ;)). I scanned some REALLY old pics from our ancient photo albums and came up with a video that was all about me! :P First, the idea was to just scan the pics and store them on my PC.Next i thought i will make a video out of it. Just when the video was complete, i thought i will ask a friend to lemme know how it was.

Now came the "sharing the video" part. Putting it up on Youtube was a big no-no for me.
So i thought i will put it up on MeTube instead :P Yep, my blog!! So here i am, the world's Numero Uno Narcissist,presenting to you, the Quarter Life Video.

WARNING : It's all about ME.So dont crib later...

Bye for now!


  1. Hey pavithra,
    It was so sweet you know...'Million reasons to smile'. Always used to like your smile :)

  2. Hey Sarat,Thanks a lot! :) With Swarg, you guys are bringing more than a million smiles to the kids...Hats off :)

  3. thanks all started in Bangalore training:)...feels good....miss those days!!!


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