Sunday, November 15, 2009

My First Post! Yaaay! :D

Well, I have finally done it. After procrastinating for more than a year, I have finally found the time and the good sense to begin an external blog. Blogging is not new to me. I have been a regular blogger on Infyblogs for more than 2 years now. But blogging on the public domain is new to me. However ,since I only write about stuff that crosses my mind and lingers there long enough to make me wanna write about it, I guess I haven’t lost much in beginning late. J
You know, this terrible habit of procrastinating is such a disease! It helps that I am not a journalist. I can only imagine what kind of stale news I would be reporting if I were one! In the utterly funny software industry, there is not much scope for procrastination. There are many reasons why. But the biggest one being the fact that even before you can “think” about procrastinating something, your boss will jump on your neck and make sure you are well aware of the deadlines K I really wanna find this guy who coined the term “deadline”. Some vision he had, I tell you! To be able to coin a term that also tells you the consequences of missing it. “ DEAD” line..LOL
Well..Moving on. There are many things I have been pushing off. And the best part is that, I know exactly what needs to be done, but I can never get myself to do it. Here’s a top 5 list of outstanding tasks that need immediate attention( according to my well wishers), but have been pushed off to be taken care of at a later point of time. If the list sounds very girly, don’t blame me! Its expected…Duh! I am a girl :P
Here it is
1. 1) Getting my eyebrows done:
Remember Kroor Singh from Chandrakanta, the old serial that used to be aired on DD1? Well, I wait until my eyebrows begin to look like his, before I go get them trimmed K I began to look like him some two weeks back, yet I am not “inspired” enough to be able to get out of the house and hit the parlor.
2. 2) Learn Driving:
Yes dear, I don’t blame you for calling me a loser. Call me whatever you want, but the fact remains that I cannot drive! Earlier trials at the task have been majorly disastrous, in spite of being a driving student for a few days :P Forget breaking traffic rules and paying fines, I am scared I am actually kill a few unsuspecting victims if I ever sit behind the wheel again. Again, being chauffeured around is fun. Maybe, applying for a driver’s job somewhere is the only way I can get myself to join a driving school. It’s a question of my bread and butter Sir! Hello!
3. 3) Get over the fear of ghosts:
If you have read the first 2 points and still think I am not a loser, here’s reason why you should consider me one. I am terrified of ghosts! It’s more like the fear of the unknown I guess. I have never seen one and I am sure I will never see one either. But well, it continues to haunt me. They say the only way of getting over fear is by facing it. What are the chances of me facing a ghost? Err…less than zero. So bam! There you go. It’s here to stay. A top contender for a lifetime on “ Pavithra’s to-do list” K
4. 4) Join the gym and kick some ass :
I am sure I will find company here.Not many of us can really get ourselves to hit the gym and trim up. Again, I will call it “ not enough inspiration”. If flaunting a “family pack” instead of a “six pack” not get you into the gym, nothing else will. Well, in my defence, let me just say that dancing to Mika Singh songs in the bedroom is “exercise”..You cant deny! It makes you sweat, it makes you feel miserable and it wastes your time. Is’nt that what the gym does too? :P LOL. If you are some major muscle guy/girl who hits the gym everyday, genuinely, I am sorry you had to read this.
5. 5) Getting Married:
If you have lasted this long, and still intend to read point 5, I must salute you first and say a BIG thank you for having the patience to put up with this silly school girl ranting. Well, yeah, point 5 is getting married! Certainly not my idea, trust me! But if my mother happens to read this blog and does not find this point in the “top 5 “ list, I will have to face some music and listen to some gyaan about “settling down in life” all over again.So, there you go. I have saved myself some trouble ;)

Hmmm, that officially brings us to the end of the first post on my external blog.Thanks for reading. Keep coming back for more non sense. Enjoy the rest of your Sunday! J


  1. aha.....all set to take on the world i see....all the best dear!! and lovely post ... as usual simple and humorous...kudos!

  2. v was nice reading ur blogs...especially #5 :)...all the best

  3. @Ejaz : Thank you! You are never short of compliments ;) And you get to be the first one to leave a comment...Congrats :P

  4. @Anil : Thanks for patiently reading the whole thing! :) You reached point 5...Hi5!!Please keep reading :)

  5. I am guilty of not updating my external post, despite the urge to post something. ;-) As always, a nice writeup, and let's see if this external blog procrastination will be added to ur list! :P

  6. @Pras: Thank you! I really wish to keep this updated ;) Amen!

  7. funny as always.. way to go pavi :)
    BDW m thr wid u in most of the cases...

  8. @Neha : Thank you! Yep,yep..I know i can always rely on you to keep me company ;) Birds of a feather! ;)

  9. Welcome to the bloggers world !!!!

    girl...u got so much to tell in the first post itself !!!!!!!

  10. @Srini : Thank you! :) More to follow ;)


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